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My name is Javier Mendoza-Diek and I am a dog trainer, a Zoologist, and a veterinary technician. I was born and raised in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and I have always had an intense curiosity towards animals and more specifically their behaviors.

To me dog training is not all about fancy tricks, yes it is cool to get a dog to speak on command or dance a full dance routine but that is not what is relevant to the everyday pet owner. The truth about being successful on training a good dog has to do with rewarding the right state of mind and correcting the wrong one. A dog that is aware that his behavior has good or bad consequences is a dog that is more likely to make correct choices and therefore be a ‘good dog’.

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  • Puppy Training
  • Private Dog Training Sessions
  • Dog Training Boot Camp
  • Off Leash Dog Training
  • Dog Board and Training


We offer a wide range of training and board and train programs for your best friend.


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Be proactive in training your dog - redirect the attention BEFORE the dog is at an unreachable state of excitement. We can teach you both how!

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